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A Rescue Guide.


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We can fix dinner, fix up friends, even fix a broken nail. But when the washer’s out of whack, the computer stops computing, the dishwasher’s DOA—well, we know when to call in the pros. To help you (and ourselves), we’ve queried designers, decorators, architects, and homeowners for their recommendations. The result is this handy A to Z guide for the repair-impaired.

Antiques Restoration


The Antique Restoration Shop
495 Lexington Ave, Mount Kisco (914) 241-3050
William Bagley inherited the fix-it gene from his uncles and grandfathers, who all worked with wood—building and repairing furniture. “I just happen to enjoy repair work,” Bagley says. What kind of repairs does he see the most? “I get a ton of broken chairs,” he says. “The arms break, the backs break, and antiques can’t take that.” What advice does he have? “When something goes wrong, the longer you wait, the worse it is.” Nearby pick-up and delivery is free, with fees charged for longer distances. The fee is dependent on a number of factors but costs approximately $100.

Tarrytown Woodworks
6 S Washington St, Tarrytown (914) 332-4189
Owner Eric Clingen calls his shop “a walk-in clinic for damaged furniture,” declaring, “our goal is to accurately restore antique furniture using traditional methods and techniques, taking a conservative approach.” The company recently restored furniture by Charles Eames and George Nakashima. Tarrytown Woodworks charges between $60 and $80 per hour, depending on the project.

Curry and Hovis
34 Westchester Ave, Pound Ridge (914) 764-1138
Since the early 1980s, John Curry and his crew have specialized in restoring 18th-century furniture: re-gluing, French polishing, waxing, and patching veneers. Curry also does traditional water gilding and patches gilt rococo mirrors and other decorative objects. He can custom-reproduce 18th-century furniture as well. Re-gluing a chair typically costs around $300, while a total restoration of a historically important, ornate secretary could cost $20,000.

R.D. Carone & Co.
380 Adams St, Bedford Hills (914) 241-1172
Rick Carone repairs antique furniture with an eye toward protecting the investment in the piece. Anything that is a part of an item’s history is kept intact, while burns or watermarks and discoloration are repaired. Carone also fixes joints that have come loose, repairs chipped veneers, and restores finishes. Prices range from $60 to $140 an hour, depending on the complexity of the job.

Appliance Repair

Albano Appliance and Service
83 Westchester Ave, Pound Ridge (914) 764-4053
Three generations of Albanos have been servicing almost every appliance the company sells (except Sub-Zero; only Sub-Zero technicians can work on those), as well as appliances with expired warranties bought elsewhere. With an in-house staff of four technicians, the company guarantees service on products it has sold within 48 hours of that first SOS. The techs are top-notch, and compassionate, too. When this writer’s double Dacors got fried by a lightning strike, the repair guy did everything short of sending flowers to soften the blow of the final bill. Unsure whether it’s worth fixing a faulty appliance? Depending on the brand, if it’s more than 10 years old, the company recommends you skip the extensive repairs and buy a new model instead. Basic repairs on domestic models average $125; repairs on European brands can go as high as $200.

Atlantic Appliance
50 Triangle Ctr, Yorktown Heights (914) 962-2500
Atlantic Appliance sells and services most major household appliances, whether or not they were purchased from its shop. And if Atlantic can’t fix it, it can provide a replacement for purchase within 24 hours—a comfort if you’re expecting a horde of hungry guests and your stove stops cold. Which apparently happens rather frequently in November, right before Thanksgiving. Word of
advice: give your appliances a test run before you send out the invites. A service call costs $79.95 per hour, and the customer is charged only for the parts used; the hourly rate is adjusted for minor repairs if it takes less than an hour.

Mr. Appliance
422 Rte 52, Carmel, NY (845) 225-5215
10 Silver Spring Ln, Ridgefield, CT (203) 438-9288
Jim Ward, owner of Mr. Appliance, understands that helpless feeling you get when an appliance goes kaput, so his team tries to respond to customers within 24 hours. The company repairs any type and any brand of household appliance (except, of course, those finicky Sub-Zeros). The most common problem? Clogged dryer vents. Suggestion: vents to the outdoors should be cleaned every year to avoid attracting birds, bees, and mice looking for a warm place to nest. The company charges $89.95 for the service call, which is incorporated into the repair cost, based on the National Blue Book Flat Rates.




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