At Home in a 12,000 Square Foot Chappaqua House

A 12,000-square-foot shingle-style home in Chappaqua is a savvy blend of high-end fixtures, catalog finds, and Home Depot bargains.


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True blue is the theme for the master suite

But the stars are incorporated into another, older theme: Americana. Still, this is patriotism with a patina—and panache. The dining room features stone pillars, reclaimed barn beams and, underfoot, 24-inch white pine boards stained the color of the Mayflower. A rustic, wrought-iron chandelier dominates, as does a painting of Old Glory waving from atop a white porch, along the ocean. Yarasavage dubs it “the Revolutionary War tavern”—if, Andersen reminds her, Benjamin Franklin or John Adams “had velvet on their walls.”

Another decorating theme evokes Americana in a slightly different way—paying homage to an American institution, Yale, and its color: blue. Yarasavage and her husband met as undergraduate athletes in New Haven; he played soccer for the Bulldogs, she played basketball and softball. Yarasavage insists that she’s always loved the color, not just out of duty to her alma mater. “Blue’s easy,” she says. “It goes with everything. It’s a comforting color.” (Outfitting her bedroom began with a set of blue Delft tiles for edging the fireplace and spread to a blue rug and blue plaid chairs.)

The bath’s fixtures are “Waterworks knockoffs,” Yarasavage confides.

Nonetheless, Yale pride is evident from the outset. Instead of flanking her driveway with a couple of lions, New York Public Library-style, Yarasavage positioned a pair of stone bulldogs. (Once, when Harvard friends came over to watch the infamous Harvard/Yale football game, the mischievous Crimson cohort dressed the Bulldogs in Harvard hats and T-shirts.)

Also marking the exterior of the property are five doormats emblazoned “Five K Corral,” with K signifying the first initial of each family member’s first name. Their provenance? As down-to-earth as the doormats themselves: “,” says Yarasavage, grinning.

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