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Noam Bramson
Think back to your career aspirations when you were a fifth grader. Firefighter? Astronaut? Noam Bramson decided—after participating in his school’s Model Congress—that he wanted to go into politics. He never wavered from that path.

“I was taught by my parents that we should have goals larger than our own self-interest,” says the lifelong New Rochelle resident.

After attending Harvard, where he received an undergraduate degree in three years, delivered his graduating class’s commencement address, and earned a master’s in public policy, Bramson took a job with Congresswoman Nita Lowey. At 25, he decided to run for office and won a seat on New Rochelle’s City Council, where he served until he was appointed mayor at age 36. (He was elected the following year, 2007.) It’s widely believed that Bramson, 39, was the city’s youngest council member and mayor. (Records were not kept before 1899.)

During his 14 years as an elected official, Bramson has helped revitalize New Rochelle’s central business district, and he’s working to develop his city’s waterfront and to protect the environment. He’s been orchestrating plans to develop his city’s Echo Bay waterfront, which is included in the nine miles of Long Island Sound shoreline, with a waterfront promenade and public access to the shore. He has also emphasized the importance of environmental sustainability through the use of energy savings, water- and air-quality initiatives and habitat restoration projects.

“I have always been impressed by his civic-mindedness, intelligence, and drive,” says Congresswoman Lowey. “He has a bright future in public service.”



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