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The next decade’s headliners

Who among us will be the newsmakers and luminaries in 2020? We don’t have a crystal ball, but we have a pretty good feeling about these seven Westchester residents. While they aren’t household names (yet), their notable accomplishments already make them stand out among their peers. We’re expecting even more from them over the next decade.

Jabarie Hinds
When the head coach of Mount Vernon High School’s renowned basketball program says sophomore Jabarie Hinds is “one of the best basketball players I have ever coached,” you pay attention.

Point guard Hinds, 17, has played varsity basketball since eighth grade, won a state championship in 2007, and will be team captain next year, says head coach Bob Cimmino. “He understands the game like a chess master understands the chess board,” Cimmino says. “And he takes great pride in his defensive capabilities—unusual today, because the glory is in offense.”

His talents aren’t going unnoticed. “Hinds is regarded as one of the best players of his age in the country,” says Journal News reporter Kevin Devaney, Jr. ESPN’s basketball recruiting website calls Hinds a top-75 prospect nationwide for the class of 2011. There are rumblings that he could go professional, but it’s too early to tell.

“I hope it takes me as far as I can go,” says the six-foot Hinds, “but I’d like to study business in case my path doesn’t take me to the NBA.”

Alex Twining
While “going green” is almost cliché today, Bronxville’s Alex Twining, a developer and former architect, has been building “green” for decades. Yes, decades. The CEO of Manhattan-based Twining Properties, founded in 2002, has incorporated environmentally friendly practices into his development plans since 1978. His specialty: mixed-use buildings (apartments, offices, and retail space) at transit stops between Boston and Washington, D.C.

In Westchester, Twining, 55, has developed properties at locations near Metro-North stations in Mamaroneck, Bronxville, New Rochelle, White Plains, and Harrison over the past decade. In New Rochelle, the 1,000-unit Avalon on the Sound, which Twining worked on, is a luxury high-rise complex with on-site retail shopping that’s within a block of the Metro-North station, office buildings, stores, and restaurants. At such a complex, it is much easier to shop, dine, and commute without needing a car.

“We proved the economic feasibility of developing at transit nodes before people were talking about ‘green,’” Twining, says. “By their nature, they use a lot less energy and require fewer car trips, which lowers your carbon footprint.”

Today, Twining is seeking another Westchester-based project.




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