(Cors)ageless Classics

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In the spirit of prom season, Westchester Magazine staffers look back and share their prom night experiences. Be prepared to laugh—or weep.

Caitlin Krueger

Pictured on right: Caitlin Krueger

About 2 weeks before my senior prom (Hendrick Hudson High School), my boyfriend and I broke up. I didn’t want to ask some random guy to go with me.

I managed to get a date two days prior to prom. I didn’t tell any of my friends who he was. The only thing I told them was “If you like me, you are going to love him."

My date wore a tux that looked like it came straight out of the matrix, and I wore a black Bebe gown with a velvet cowboy hat.

Everyone went crazy when I walked in... with my older brother.