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Little Children



DVD Release Date: May 1, New Line Home Entertainment

Based on a novel by the unforgiving Tom Perrotta (Election), this film provides a blistering look at life in the suburbs that lances everything from book groups to playground Alpha moms. Expertly handling a difficult subplot about a convicted pedophile earned Oscar nominations for actors Jackie Earle Haley and Kate Winslet.


Katharine Hepburn 100th Anniversary Collection



DVD Release Date: May 29, Warner Home Video

This collection features six of the great Kate’s movies that have never before been released on DVD: The Corn is Green (her final collaboration with director George Cukor), Dragon Seed, Morning Glory (her first Oscar-winning role), Sylvia Scarlett, Undercurrent, and Without Love (her third outing with Spencer Tracy). Sprinkled throughout the special features are vintage shorts and classic cartoons rarely found on the small screen.


Pan’s Labyrinth



DVD Release Date: May 15, New Line Home Entertainment

Director Guillermo del Toro takes the monsters and miscreants of his other movies (Hellboy, Blade II) and recasts them in a more personal, emotional story about a little girl’s retreat into fantasy to cope with the trials of Franco-era Spain. In the end it’s the plotlines based in reality—instead of magical ones—that are the most incredible. Deconstruct del Toro’s unique vision through the DVD features, which include comic-book artists’ interpretations of his characters, a featurette on mythology and origins of the fantastical creatures, and a behind-the-scenes look at the visual effects.


The Fountain



DVD Release Date: May 15, Warner Home Video

The latest offering by soul-crushing director Darren Aronofsky spans 1,000 years and three different lifetimes as the main character, conquistador Tomas, embarks on a century-long quest to find a key to immortality. Gorgeous visuals of a space-aged future come not courtesy of CGI, but from an innovative process of microphotography—magnifying an image of water mixed with oils and other solids to make them look like the farthest reaches of outer space.




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