Westchester's Unsung Heroes

8 great men and women who make our kids' lives better

Photography By John Rizzo

Their contributions are undeniable. Their support is indispensable. Their strength and selflessness are inspiring. They're the teachers, school nurses, and other staff members who go above and beyond to help make Westchester's schools, public and private, stellar—and who help our kids reach and exceed their potential, both as students and as human beings. Meet eight unsung heroes who help our kids shine. 

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Safe And Sound

This school security aide is also a beloved mentor

Making It All Better

A selfless school nurse who’s a second mom to a thousand kids

Mr. Nice Guy

The inspiring school psychologist everyone wants to talk to

Going The Distance

Helping students become first-rate journalists—and people

A One-Woman Support System

Bolstering kids with encouragement and enthusiasm

Focusing On The Whole Student

Helping students excel with sensitivity, empathy, and guidance

Creating Science Stars

Making science and math accessible—and enjoyable

From Model To Mentor

Believing in his students, to help them believe in themselves
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