Staff Secrets: The Masters School Golf Coach Art McCann

Though scheduling practices can be rough without a course to call home, McCann has taken the newly formed golf program from startup to top-notch in one year.


You were already assisting with the basketball team when you launched the golf team last year. Why golf? I’ve played every sport imaginable, but golf is the greatest of games. It’s a game of honesty because there are no referees. It is an extremely difficult game that requires both discipline and artistry.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen your student athletes do? Last year, our golf team went to Disney World for spring break. I had to continuously remind the boys that they could not search for their golf balls in the lakes and rivers because of the alligators!

What’s the hardest part of your job? Not having eighteen holes on campus. Seriously, it is a logistical puzzle to piece together a practice schedule! Right now, we play at Sunningdale Country Club on Mondays, at the Ardsley Country Club on Tuesdays, and the range in Elmsford on Wednesdays.
What’s your proudest coaching moment? Our golf team has gone from startup to first-class in one year’s time. I’m thrilled to be part of the school’s growing athletic program!

Do you think the girls need to be coached differently than the boys? I truly do not know what is best for girls competing against boys in golf. In our competitions, girls play from the same tee box as the boys. Is that fair? I’m not sure. Gender and golf have a long history of imperfection. Thankfully, more young women are taking up golf. Once we have enough girls, we will likely launch a separate girls’ varsity team.



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