Homeland Actor Mandy Patinkin’s Dress Casual Concert at Tarrytown Music Hall

Mark your calendar: Homeland star Mandy Patinkin performs at Tarrytown Music Hall on March 30


Oh yes, we know all about your Homeland addiction—how you found the episodes On Demand late at night and raced through one after another with barely a bathroom break. But, now that you’re all caught up, what are you going to do until the third-season premiere in September? We can’t promise you Saul Berenson, but you can see Homeland star Mandy Patinkin give a concert titled “Dress Casual” at the Tarrytown Music Hall on March 30. After all, before he was the CIA’s Middle East Division Chief (or, our personal favorite, Inigo Montoya), Patinkin was a Broadway star, winning a Tony for his portrayal of Che in Evita. 



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