Chef Q&A: Chris Hettinger of Tarrytown’s Cellar 49

He’s darn proud of his short ribs and loves bourbon, bacon and sports. Find out what else makes this acclaimed chef tick.


Coffee with THE CHEF // Chris Hettinger
Cellar 49
Tarrytown House Estate & Conference Center
49 E Sunnyside Ln, Tarrytown

Dish I Do the Best…Braised short ribs. Making them is truly a labor of love.
Drink of Choice…I have two, actually—peach Snapple and bourbon. Not together, but maybe I am onto something here?
Favorite Guilty Pleasure Food…Bacon! Anything with bacon. Is there a better food product in the world than quality bacon? I don’t believe there is.
If Not a Chef, I’d Be a…sports talk radio host. Next to cooking, sports is what I know best.
I Never Eat...bleu cheese. Whose idea was it to put mold in cheese and eat it? Maybe I just don’t understand the concept.
I Never Cook with…anything that says ‘low fat’ on the label. Why bother?
What Servers Should Never Do…Forget to wash their hands after using the restroom while working. I have seen it done while dining out and it is really disturbing. Needless to say, I have never been back to that restaurant.
Favorite Form of Exercise…Does channel-surfing count?
Once I Start Eating This, I Can’t Stop…Pizza. Thin crust, no toppings, just a good Bronx-style pizza with quality ingredients.
My Favorite Website… It’s a deli in Michigan, but it’s way more than the average deli. They import all kinds of products from all over the country and other regions in the world, from charcuterie to olives. I love it. They also have a bacon of the month club, of which I was a member.
My Favorite Music Group Is…Slipknot. Yes, I still listen to heavy metal. Metal is not dead.



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