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Our History
I loved your issue with the many little- known Westchester facts (“50 Fabulous Facts About Our History”). One correction, however, is in order (item 40). The Wisconsin age glacier did not come east from that state. It came nearly south from eastern Canada about 22,000 years ago and was only hundreds of feet thick in Westchester, not one mile. It is named for drifts located in that state. By 17,000 years ago, it was in recession from its maximum extent on what is now Long Island.
Jerome S. Thaler
Former Adjunct Professor of Geology
Westchester Community College
Yorktown Heights

Classic Fixtures

I enjoyed the “art” of the past with your photo essay on 11 vintage storefronts (“Classic Fixtures,” February 2011). I realize that every generation has its own “good old days” with things like music, television, the current cinema, and, in this case, the architecture of the past. But I have to wonder if, in the future, we all look back and marvel at the splendor of the yellow tones of Best Buy or the cement stucco of Kohl’s? Perhaps we will.   
Paul Grimaldi

I was very disappointed when I received my February copy of Westchester Magazine and saw that many shops that were included in your “Classic Fixtures” article had not been in business as long as the Scarsdale Woman’s Exchange—and yet no mention was made of it. Our not-for-profit shop featuring all new, beautiful, handcrafted gift items has been in the same location on Harwood Court in Scarsdale Village for more than 79 years! It’s part of The Federation of Woman’s Exchanges, an organization started during the Depression; some of our proceeds go to help fund local charities. I invite you and all your readers to stop in and experience this classic county fixture in person.
Renee Hock, Hartsdale
Volunteer at Scarsdale Woman’s Exchange

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