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Desserts at the new Chantilly Pâtisserie (135 Parkway Rd, Bronxville 914-771-9400) are so beautifully crafted that the typical plain, white bakery box tied with red-and-white string just won’t do. Instead, the sweets are set in designer boxes and tied with pastel-colored ribbons in lovely yellow, green, and pink hues. And expect more than the usual corner bakery items to fill these boxes at the French pâtisserie owned by Mariana Delgado Gambini, a Johnson & Wales graduate who previously worked as executive pastry chef at the Westchester Country Club in Rye, sister Maria Delgado Gambini (a cake decorator and fine artist who formerly worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art), and mom Mirta Gambini (a designer). Their signature item: a three- to four-inch fondant-covered Chantilly cake ($13, serves four) decorated with gum-paste flowers and pearls. Flavors rotate by season; recent flavors included dulce de leche with peaches and red velvet. Also offered are tarts (honey pecan, crème brûlée); cookies (frangipane); assorted individual pastries such as a chocolate hazelnut layered Andree with edible gold leaf ($7.50); a line of French macarons in flavors including peanut butter and jelly, dulce de leche, rosewater, and white chocolate coconut ($1.75); as well as a two-foot high macaron tree ($150). Native-born Argentinians, the three women now call Yonkers home.

Caption: It's hard to resist Chef Delgado Gambini's chocolate mousse and roasted banana pastry.



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