Schreck Pros and Cons

Pursuant to Tom Schreck’s “Green With Anger” article: I loved it!

Kim Raso Stewart  Upper Grandview, New York

So, big deal: Tom Schreck is “actually” a vegetarian. He probably doesn’t buy organic and he gets his veggies at the supermarket in plenty of plastic bags. Oh, please, “menstrual cups” and “PVC sex toys?” Is that all he can think of to save the planet as he drives around in his big Lincoln Town Car? It’s old diehards like this who never will “get it.” Enjoy those carrots, Tom.

Robyn Rae, New Rochelle

No Thanks, Richard Gere

I just finished reading “Westchester’s New Restaurateur,” which discusses Richard Gere’s The Farmhouse. I love trying new restaurants, but I am taking this one off the list since it was built for “a lot of people in the community with great wealth and talent” who talk of changing the world while they eat. Forgive me; I just want to have a great meal while talking about my day at my ordinary job. 

Lisa Justino Arce, Yorktown Heights

More to Honor

I understand that the “Honoring Our Own” article in celebration of Black History Month is only a partial list, but I’d hoped you would have included Stephanie Mills, a former Mount Vernon resident who, played Dorothy in the Broadway musical The Wiz. She also won a Grammy and performed at Yankee Stadium in April. I was there and was reminded why she had originally been called “the little girl with the big voice.”

M. Casella, Harrison Brides and Babies

Barbara Edwards’s tribute to Black History Month should have included New Rochelle residents Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee, national heroes for their contributions to the arts and civil rights, plus Eartha Kitt, the theatrical legend and Pound Ridge resident who delighted her neighbors by shopping in the markets, browsing antiques shops, and even hosting a yoga class at her home.

Philippa Perry, Pound Ridge

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