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No more rooms at this inn: Bronxville’s former Gramatan Hotel


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A 1920s advertisement urged Manhattanites to visit far-off Bronxville by promising that it took only “55 minutes, legal limit, from 65th Street” to get to the wonderfully ritzy Gramatan Hotel.


Rising to take the place of the Gramatan Inn (a smaller hotel which burned to the ground in 1900), the Gramatan Hotel opened its door in 1905. Boasting such ultra-modern amenities as long-distance telephone service and sewage disposal, the hotel also had three restaurants, a string orchestra as entertainment, and room for 300 guests. The twenties (and the decades before) were truly roaring at the hotel, the scene of many masquerade balls and elaborate dinner parties and host to many notable guests. Mrs. Jefferson Davis and Mrs. Ulysses S. Grant became fast friends there, long after their husbands had ceased being warring enemies.



When the Depression hit, the hotel suffered along with the rest of the country. It was used as housing but eventually closed for good in 1972. Various lawsuits and arguments over what to do with the property came to an end in 1977, when it was decided to convert the property into condos. Today, the area is a mix of condos and retail shops.







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