Editor's Memo


Editor’s Memo


Change Is Coming Soon



Change is good. And change is what we plan here at Westchester Magazine.

Those of you who join us each month for the newest goings-on in our county via our print magazine may not be aware, but the kind of transformation sweeping over our magazine takes the form of bits and bytes, rearranging and reexamining information in a new and dynamic way.


Well, okay, so maybe it’s not exactly so new. Admittedly, for many (alright, most of us), it’s difficult to imagine a time when the Internet wasn’t an inextricable part of our daily lives. But the truth is, here in Westchester, there’s still a wide open field in the ever-evolving online world. Sure, web articles on the latest town board meetings and police blotters are a dime a dozen—but that’s the problem: Westchester’s Internet presence has carried a decidedly colorless tone that would put the black, white, and sepia of Dorothy’s Kansas to shame.


That brings me to our site, WestchesterMagazine.com, which I also told you about in September’s “Editor’s Memo.” It’s a work in progress—yes—but we’re working to build the one-stop portal that will serve up the same morsels of info you’ve come to look forward to and depend on in our print magazine, and then some. Just last month, for instance, we launched our first
e-newsletter, “This Weekend,” to give those of you who have signed up for it a heads up on weekend happenings. Haven’t checked it out yet? Well, head over to WestchesterMagazine.com/wkndsignup to subscribe and see for yourself. We think you’ll love it. We also plan to start a dining newsletter and eventually a shopping newsletter. And many others.


There’s still more. Each month, after you’ve digested our dining reviews, visit WestchesterMagazine.com/dining and you will also be able to view the menus of the restaurants you’ve just read about right on our site. Soon, we’ll have an entire database of these Westchester menus for you, all in one convenient spot.


And to go hand-in-hand with this month’s cover feature, “Nightlife,” on our website you can read more about the night owls we profiled as well as see and hear through video and audio clips the cool local bands we feature on our pages.


We’ve really only just begun. That’s what makes it all so exciting. In just a few months, you’ll see a complete revamp and redesign of our site, with lots of videos, audio, blogs, RSS feeds, newsletters, etc. And we want your thoughts, too; write in at edit@westchestermagazine.com with what you’d like to see. It’s time to bring some long-overdue Technicolor to Kans—err, Westchester—and our local Information Superhighway. Hop in and join us for the ride.


Esther Davidowitz     






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