Docking Station

A new-and-improved yacht club makes it easier to enjoy the Hudson in Ossining.

Founded in 1874 in Ossining, the Shattemuc Yacht Club is perhaps the oldest of its kind on the Hudson. It has seen several renovations over the last 130 years, but their current buildout has an eye on improving the environment, as well as creating more slips for docking. 

Previously, Shattemuc used a series of sunken, rusted barges and a former Circle Liner as a makeshift breakwater, but it was both an eyesore and a hindrance to marine life. After four years of planning, fundraising, and grant proposals (Shattemuc was awarded close to $600,000 from the Federal Boating Infrastructure program), they were ready to begin.

The newly completed dock is composed of floating cement wave attenuators, which not only calm the waters but also allow marine life to pass beneath it. A total of 31 new docking slips were added, making it easier for boaters to dock for the night or grab a bite at the club’s Boathouse Restaurant. 

“[The docks] provide protection for the boats; they’re eco-friendly and don’t obscure our view [of the Hudson and Palisades], like other breakwaters,” says the club’s commodore, David Westcott. “Truly, all of these things make it important to us.” 



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