Did You Catch All The Westchester References In Mad Men? Let’s Find Out

Now that Mad Men has wrapped, it’s time to test your knowledge and see if you caught all those county references throughout the show’s seven seasons.

1. Sally attends this real-life Westchester school, where Don has an affair with this teacher.

A: Brookside Elementary School; Suzanne
B: Hillside Elementary School; Susan
C: Claremont School; Diane

2. Crab Colson takes his family sloop to this yacht club for race week.

A: Mamaroneck
B: Larchmont
C: New Rochelle

3. Grandpa Gene collapses and dies at this grocery store on this county road.

A: DeCicco’s; Center Street
B: Safeway; Mamaroneck Avenue
C: A&P; Pleasantville Road

4. While Betty is giving birth to her third child at Phelps Memorial Hospital, she requests this doctor (based on a real-life physician at Phelps), while Don chats with an employee of this county institution. 

A: Dr. Katz; Bedford Hills Correctional Facility  
B: Dr. Mendelowitz; Sing Sing 
C: Dr. Laskowski; Sing Sing

5. This landmark sparks a pitch idea for Paul Kinsey.

A: Indian Point
B: Kensico Dam
C: Tappan Zee Bridge

6. When Don and Betty want to go antiquing in this town, they bribe the kids with a trip here.

A: Rye; Playland
B: Ardsley; McDonald’s
C: Tarrytown; Carvel

7. Betty’s second husband, Henry Francis, lived in this Westchester location, and works for this bigwig.

A: Whippoorwill Road in Chappaqua; Nelson Rockefeller
B: Anderson Hill Road in Harrison; David Rockefeller
C: South Broadway in Tarrytown; Anne Gould

8. Glen and Sally plan a trip here, but ultimately don’t go after Sally finds out Glen enlisted in the Army after flunking out of this county college.

A: Rye Beach; Iona College
B: Croton Point Park; Mercy College
C: Playland; Purchase College

Answers: 1. A; 2. B; 3. C; 4. B; 5. A; 6. C; 7. A; 8. C



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