This Month’s Holidays: June 2013

Lesser-known reasons to mark your calendars.


June 2-8—National Tire Safety Week • This and every first week in June, make sure your tires are prepared for the season and year ahead. The US Rubber Manufacturers Association suggests car owners double-check air pressure, alignment, rotation, and treads of their tires to be sure they’re riding safely.

June 7—National Donut Day • The first Friday in June is not just a celebration of donuts. It also honors the Salvation Army “Lassies” of WWI, volunteers who traveled to the front lines in Europe to cook for US soldiers—and innovatively fried the treats in the men’s oil-filled helmets. Make a Salvation Army donation and have a donut in their honor today.

June 10—National Iced Tea Day • Recognize Richard Blechynden’s invention of the refreshing beverage at the St. Louis Fair of 1904 during this annual celebration. The English tea plantation owner made the quick decision to pour the hot tea he was selling over ice, immediately quenching fairgoers’ thirst on such a scorching day. Ring in summer’s warmth with an end-of-day glass.

June 21—Take Your Dog to Work Day • Take Your Dog to Work Day sees its 15th anniversary on the same day as the summer solstice this year. Spend it appreciating man’s best friend and brightening up your boss’ and coworkers’ day.

June 25—National Catfish Day • As of 1987, June 25 marks National Catfish Day, as confirmed by President Ronald Reagan’s Proclamation 5672. Note Reagan’s not-so-famous line, “More and more Americans are discovering a uniquely American food delicacy—farm-raised catfish,” and fry some up for dinner.

Nature nurturers, aquatic adventurers, and produce pundits, perk up: June is also Great Outdoors Month, National Oceans Month, and National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month.

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