Philipsburg Manor Presents A Night on Fire Event on June 21 and 22

All fired up: Performance troupe A Different Spin plays with fire at Historic Hudson Valley’s hottest event of the year.


Members of A Different Spin show off their red-hot moves.

courtesy of A Different Spin

It’s the epitome of “Don’t Try This at Home”: Historic Hudson Valley brings A Night on Fire to Philipsburg Manor on June 21 and 22. There, performance troupe A Different Spin sets the night ablaze with fire-juggling, fire-eating, fire-dancing—not to mention fencing with flaming swords. What’s even more amazing is, in the midst of all of the peril, A Different Spin even manages to get some vaudeville-style humor into the mix. With just four performances taking place over two nights, it’s sure to be one hot ticket.

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