Meet Your Health Goals with Westchester Fitness Experts

Looking to run faster, stretch farther and increase your muscle mass? Do all three and more with expert advice from local fitness buffs.


When it comes to getting in shape, losing weight isn’t everyone’s end-goal—and it’s rarely the only one. Fortunately, today’s philosophies veer away from the one-track, weightlifting-versus-cardio days of yore, and seek to strengthen the entire body—inside and out. Whether your dream is to have a lean figure, develop rock-hard abs, win a half-marathon, touch your toes to the back of your head, or all of the above, Westchester’s fitness experts have the answers.

Toning Up Without Getting Bulky  |  Increasing Muscle Mass
Improving Stamina  |  Running Faster   |  Improving Flexibility
Decreasing Your Heart Rate  |  Staying Motivated!​

Laura Kenyon is a freelance writer originally from Lewisboro. Her favorite workouts are P90X Lean, running on the elliptical, and hiking with her husband and dog. Follow her on Twitter @Laura_Kenyon.

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