Katonah Museum of Art Presents Remix: Selections from the International Collage Center Exhibition on June 30

Collage grad: An exhibit showcases collage works by more than 100 artists.


Tony Fitzpatrick, Orange and Black Bird: Portal to the Mercy of Autumn, 2012, mixed media on paper, 101⁄2” x 71⁄2”

You remember collages from elementary school—you stick some tissue paper here, a news clipping there, and call it a day. If that’s still what you think of when you hear the word “collage,” then you haven’t seen the works in the Katonah Museum of Art’s newest exhibition, Remix: Selections from the International Collage Center. The exhibition includes works by more than 100 artists that remind you how revolutionary the art form actually is, and how it’s often used by artists to comment on the times they’re living in. You can see Remix from June 30 to October 13. 

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