HungerShield Appetite Control Drink Mix Hydrates Without Encouraging Hunger

A new product by dietician Elizabeth DeRobertis of Nutrition and Wellness Services at Scarsdale Medical Group.

“The truth is most people don’t need a special drink or supplement to get through a workout,” says registered dietician Elizabeth DeRobertis, director of Nutrition and Wellness Services at Scarsdale Medical Group (550 Mamaroneck Ave, Ste 101, Harrison 914-723-8100; “Most people work out as a way to burn calories, to help them to either lose weight or maintain their weight, but drinks like Gatorade, protein shakes, or other specialty smoothies can easily provide more calories—sometimes as much as 600—than were burned during their workout.” Hydration, though, is important, which is why DeRobertis developed HungerShield (from $34.99 for 28 packets at hunger and area drug stores) with a team of dieticians, a water mix-in that is infused with protein, fiber, and probiotics. “It hydrates for a minimal caloric intake, and the fiber helps people to feel full, so they eat less after their workout.”

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