Four Westchester Fitness Experts Will Get You (Yes, You!) In Shape

There’s no shortage of advice for getting in shape, but these four experts give you all the basics, and then some.


When it comes to information and recommendations regarding your own body, advice comes from everywhere—but you want to listen to pros with solid professional backgrounds. We rounded up a group of local specialists, each of whom has a wealth of knowledge (and passion!) about his or her respective subject, to ask about how to really stay healthy in this information-rich age.

NBC’s “Today” Nutrition and
Health Guru Joy Bauer Shares
Nutrition Tips

Yankee’s Director of Strength
and Conditioning Dana Cavalea
on Getting Fit

House of Sports’ Blain Bott
Promotes Childhood Physical Fitness

Westchester/Putnam Access to Health
Care Coalition’s Mark Hannay Keeps
the County Healthy

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