Five Healthiest Foods to Eat in 2013: Amaranth

Once a food of Aztec royalty, amaranth is a high-fiber grain that contains more of the amino acid Lysine than any other grain.


Amaranth was once a food of Aztec royalty. It’s a sweet, high-fiber grain that also contains the most Lysine (an amino acid) of all the grains, including quinoa. It’s also a potentially effective anti-cancer agent, is good for the heart, and is gluten-free. "Amaranth can be used to thicken soups and stews. It can also be used in place of rice, grits, or polenta, because of its similar texture," says Dafna Chazin, MS, RD, CDN, co-founder of HungerShield, a natural appetite control drink mix. Amaranth can also be made into porridge, or its flour can be made into a protein-rich bread. DeRobertis recommends substituting 25 percent of your wheat flour with Amaranth flour when making whole-wheat bread to make it a complete protein. 

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