The Latest Town News in Cortlandt, Bronxville, Yorktown, White Plains, and New Rochelle


CORTLANDT—Ground was broken for an organic vegetable garden at Hudson Valley Hospital Center’s cancer center. The garden, which will be created with donations from local businesses and students, will be tended by the center’s patients and used as a place for meditation and relaxation, and to promote healthy living for better prognoses.

BRONXVILLE—Dozens of students at Concordia College were stricken by a rapid-onset stomach bug that swept the campus and sent several to the hospital. The college blunted the outbreak by rapidly communicating warnings to take extra precautions, such as handwashing, and by having common areas sanitized by maintenance crews around the clock.

YORKTOWN—An 11-year-old girl was arrested after she falsely accused one of her parents of pulling a gun on her.

WHITE PLAINS—An 18-year-old woman was arrested by TSA officials at the Westchester County Airport after she tried to board her flight with a pocket knife and a stun gun(!).

NEW ROCHELLE—A woman returned to her Franklin Avenue apartment to discover that her dog—an $800 black-and-white Shih Tzu—was missing. The dog was the only “item” stolen.



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