Summer Fun in Westchester: Mixology Course


We admit it: We’ve Googled a term or two from a too-cool cocktail menu at a très chic watering hole—under the table, of course. For Tom Cruise in Cocktail wannabes and home bartenders alike, there’s the one-day intro to mixology course at the Academy of Professional Bartending School in New Rochelle.

According to owner and founder Dennis Ryan, “The Home Bartender’s Course was designed with the novice in mind and will have them making drinks like a pro in no time.” No idea what a jigger is? The class covers proper shaking and stirring, pouring techniques including freehand “measuring,” even the finer points of icing drinks. Basic guidelines for setting up a home bar (that thing on the patio storing your trusty corkscrew) are also offered. Says Ryan, “If you like to have parties, there’s no better feeling than when a guest compliments you on one of the finest cocktails they’ve ever had.” Mango Passion Mojito, anyone?   

Classes are held on Sundays and last approximately eight hours. Reserve your seat by phone, at least two weeks in advance; the $100 course includes training, manuals, and a certificate.

Academy of Professional Bartending School, New Rochelle (914) 813-8660;





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