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Experiments in genre

True Grit
DVD Release Date: June 7, Paramount Pictures Home Entertainment
Don’t think of it as a remake of The Duke’s classic; think of it as another take on the novel by Charles Portis. The result is a Western that only the Coen Brothers could have come up with, about the hard-drinking, eye-patch-wearing Rooster Cogburn and his agreement with a fast-talking, no-nonsense teenager to go after the man who killed her pa. Mix in some of the Coens’ flair for mixing seriousness and silliness, and the result is a film that was nominated for 10 Academy Awards this year.

The Adjustment Bureau
DVD Release Date: June 21, Universal Studios Home Video
The work of sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick has been adapted into some of the greatest science fiction movies of all time, including Blade Runner and Minority Report. (Okay, there are some not-so-great ones in there, too, like Next and Paycheck.) His short story, “Adjustment Team,” became The Adjustment Bureau, in which a politician, played by Matt Damon, rails against a fedora-wearing cabal that secretly controls the paths of everyone on Earth. Fans of Mad Men’s Roger Sterling can spot John Slattery under one of those fedoras.

Kiss Me Deadly
DVD Release Date: June 21, The Criterion Collection
This noir masterpiece, based on the novel by Mickey Spillane, is so well regarded by cinephiles that it’s inspired homages in everything from Pulp Fiction to Repo Man (not to mention the song by Lita Ford). The Criterion Collection, known for its superb DVDs, is releasing Kiss Me Deadly with audio commentary by film noir specialists Alain Silver and James Ursini, a new video tribute from director Alex Cox, and the film’s controversial altered ending.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy: Extended Edition
DVD Release Date: June 28, New Line Home Entertainment
Since the release of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movies, between single-disc takes and extended editions, there have been so many different DVD versions. Consider this Blu-ray boxed set the One Edition to Rule Them All. The 15-disc set includes the extended versions of all three films, plus more than 26 hours—more than a full day—of extras, from MTV spoof footage to the Costa Botes documentaries



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