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How much does your doctor earn?; really, really high cholesterol; juice cleanses—good or bad?; what it takes to become a yoga/pilates/zumba instructor; trainers’ favorite gadgets…


Do You Really Need a Daily Multivitamin?

By Philip Posillipo                                                                                     

[Cholesterol Rates] How High Can They Go?

By Nancy L. Claus with Christina Marquez                                                  

How Much Does Your Doctor Earn?                      

[Juice Fasts] Good for You or for the Birds?        

Trainers’ Achilles' Heels

By Ben Brody with Maggie Bacon                                                                

Will My Child Be Tall or Short?

By Carol Caffin                                                                                          

How Old Should Your Kid Be Before He Lifts Weights?

By Carol Caffin                                                                                          

Trainers' Favorite Equipment

High-tech or low-tech, we asked local trainers to share their favorite workout gadget or equipment.
By John Bruno Turiano                    

Want to Teach Yoga, Zumba, or Pilates?

Here’s what you need…
By John Bruno Turiano                                                                               



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