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6 Qs for Maddie Corman of Next Fall


Patrick Breen (Adam), Maddie Corman (Holly), and Connie Ray (Arlene) in Next Fall

Irvington native Maddie Corman is having a much-deserved pinch-me-now moment, starring in the Tony-nominated Next Fall, a very smart and very moving Broadway play, which Ben Brantley of the New York Times has called “the funniest heartbreaker in town.” Corman—who lives in Dobbs Ferry with her husband, TV pilot (Royal Pains, Burn Notice) director Jace Alexander (yes, he ís the son of actress Jane Alexander), and their three young children—originated her role of Holly, the close friend of a gay man whose boyfriend is in a coma, during its three-month run off-Broadway last year. Presented by Elton John and David Furnish, Next Fall opened recently at the Helen Hayes Theatre.

A Broadway debut at forty. A dream-come-true? Yes, but one I had almost stopped dreaming about.

What were you doing professionally before Next Fall? I had slowed down and stepped away from live theater because I have young children and my husband worked long hours and traveled; I also insisted on staying locally. I did a lot of independent films and some smaller parts in feature films like the mean salesgirl in Maid in Manhattan and a baby shower guest in Sunshine Cleaning.

So many off-Broadway productions dream of moving to Broadway. Why did this one make it? There’s no exact recipe—but I have never in more than twenty years of acting been involved in any project that had such a response from all different types of people. To a person they relate to it and think it’s extremely moving and funny.

How would you describe Next Fall? It’s a play that examines faith and family and friendship. Its big take-away message is to open your eyes—it’s never a bad time to tell the people you love that you love them, because you never know what’s going to happen.

How have the years you’ve spent as a mom informed your work? It’s helped my performance as well as my stamina. Surviving on very little sleep is something you learn as a mom and nursing twins is like a crash course in sleep deprivation

What do you hope to be doing next fall? I have a hard time figuring out what I am doing tomorrow—who has karate and who has soccer—but it would be lovely to still be doing this play.

By: Laurie Yarnell




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