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Home Theater

What to add to your Netflix queue this month
Alice in Wonderland
DVD Release Date: June 1
Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
Tim Burton and Lewis Carroll—the pairing just feels natural, doesn’t it? Burton’s Alice in Wonderland finds a 20-year-old Alice revisiting the kooky world of Wonderland while contemplating a real-life marriage proposal. The DVD comes with plenty of behind-the-scenes features that show how Burton created Wonderland, but you might want to spring for the Blu-Ray so you can also see how Burton and Johnny Depp came up with the vigorous Futterwacken dance. (Yeah, you read that right.)
DVD Release Date: June 1, BBC Warner Home Video
Just like its predecessor—Planet EarthLife gets you up close to all manner of animals, from delicate monarch butterflies to terrifying komodo dragons. This is the reason you should totally make friends with someone who has an HD TV and a Blu-Ray player, folks. Discs also come with making-of features, because otherwise you’d scratch your head all night wondering how they got some of those shots.

Shutter Island
DVD Release Date: June 8, Paramount Pictures Home Video
Like The Departed, Shutter Island finds Martin Scorsese teaming up with Leonardo DiCapro for a gritty little genre picture. This time, it’s a period piece in which DiCapro is a U.S. Marshal sent to investigate strange occurrences on an island-based mental institution. Music fans might like it because Robbie Robertson did the soundtrack. Armchair psychiatrists will want to check it out for its bonus feature about psychiatric therapies in the 1950s. (Hint: they weren’t so good.)


The White Ribbon
DVD Release Date: June 29, Sony Pictures Classics
This foreign film comes with an impressive pedigree: it won the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film, was nominated for an Academy Award in the same category, and was directed by acclaimed filmmaker Michael Haneke (Caché). The movie investigates strange happenings in a small German village pre World War I—and like Caché, it has a slow-burning, quietly unsettling atmosphere.

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