Sweet and Cool - It's Frozen Custard



What’s that sweet, smooth, cool stuff coming out of the machines at 1143 East Main Street in Shrub Oak? Could it be frozen…custard? “There are places in Westchester that sell products that are called frozen custard,” says Bobby Joachim, owner of Abbott’s Frozen Custard (845-282-1761). “But if you’re putting lots of air in it, it’s not really custard.” So what sets this chilled newcomer apart from ice cream? Joachim churns fresh cream and egg yolks, allowing no more than two percent air into the mix—40 percent less than soft-serve ice cream and 10 percent less than store-bought ice cream. “It’s creamier and thicker than ice cream,” he says. Cones cost $2.37 to $3.12 and a pint is $4.49. Nothing at Abbott’s is prepackaged. Of the 330 different sundae combinations, be sure to ask for the signature peanut-butter sauce with real cocoa sprinkles.



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