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Communal Commutes

Your May story, “How Will You Get to Work in 2020?” was worth the fare. More commuters are leaving their cars at home and considering public-transportation. Metro-North and Bee-Line buses, funded by your tax dollars, use less fuel and move far more people than single-occupancy vehicles. Let others do the driving and there will be more time to enjoy reading great publications like this one.

Larry Penner, Great Neck, New York

Education Is Not a Luxury

The article by Marisa LaScala in the May issue of Westchester Magazine is incorrect. The article states that “tuition, room, and fees for one semester at Sarah Lawrence College: $50,976.” This is the tuition cost for one year. More than my complaint about sloppy fact-checking, I find it insulting that a Sarah Lawrence education is included on a list of luxuries multi-millionaires will have to do without. Multi-millionaires should only be so lucky for their children to be accepted to Sarah Lawrence. Maybe the writer should have spoken to people with a SLC education before deciding it’s a luxury people can do without.

Maureen Gallagher
Director of Facilities, Sarah Lawrence College

As a graduating senior at Sarah Lawrence College, I will admit that this is an expensive private college, but the expenses support both a low student-to-teacher ratio and a pedagogy that I firmly believe in. Not only is this school an unappreciated gem in the local community (think of how much money these students bring into Westchester County), it is also a think-tank of diverse minds looking to change the future of this country and the very financial crisis that LaScala refers to. Furthermore, the school works to support as many of its students as possible through scholarship and has invested more than $120,000 in me alone. That is a figure LaScala overlooked. Go ahead—take away your golf courses, ski resorts, horses, and local private college, but I think you would find that you no longer have the same Westchester County that your magazine so eagerly flaunts, and which your mission statement claims to support.

Lauren Sutherland, Bronxville

Oops: In an article on Z-Life Denim Lounge in our May issue, two brand names, PRPS jean and John Varvatos shoe line carried by the shop, were misspelled. Our apologies.

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