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Westchester Magazine’s editorial staff picks the county’s best repair, pet grooming, video services and more.

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Clock Repair
Franklin Clock Shop
200 Hamilton Ave, White Plains
(914) 682-8068

Sure, we all have digital clocks on our latest-thing iGadgets, but the point of an heirloom is that it doesn’t become obsolete every 18 months. So when your great-grandmother’s precious grandfather clock breaks, take it to White Plains’ Franklin Clock Shop. They know a lot about keeping timepieces running a century or two. You can bring your watches for repair as well, and even buy new clocks—if you must. 


European Car Repair
Dominick European Car Repair
148 Ferris Ave, White Plains
(914) 949-0103
Our inside sources tell us that this family-owned repair shop—which specializes in restoration, rebuilding, and restoring of those sleek European cars from the 1950s to the ’70s—is at the top of the game. And we’re inclined to believe them, since Dominick’s has been noted as far away as Italy, the home of the Ferrari and Maserati. Plus they’ve been around for more than 50 years. Che buono


Free Service
Thru My Eyes 
(914) 725-1836; thrumyeyes.org
Nobody wants to think about a terminal or devastating illness. And those who are confronted with this reality have to struggle with many things besides their diagnosis and prognosis. They also must deal with the added heartbreak of potentially leaving their family behind. Thru My Eyes, founded two years ago by Scarsdale resident Carri Rubinstein and Michelle P. Maidenberg of New Rochelle, tries to alleviate some of that heartbreak by helping patients create a clinically guided, professionally recorded video for their children and loved ones—totally free of charge. At the same time, says Rubenstein, clients  are encouraged to maintain hope and keep fighting, noting that the videos are akin to an “insurance policy.” The organization, whose focus is “parents who might miss the major milestones in their children’s lives,” says Rubinstein, is staffed by top-notch volunteer professionals and funded by grants, donations, and fundraisers. Talk about a legacy of love.  


Pet Grooming
Happy Tails Grooming Salon
10 Aqueduct Ln, Irvington
(914) 591-4766; happytailsirvington.com
Whether you’re the parent of a dog, cat, guinea pig, or ferret (“anything with fur”), your four-legged child will be expertly pampered, primped, and preened at this pet-grooming oasis—where bathing, fluffing, ear cleaning, and toenail trimming are the order of the day. Specializing in pets that have experienced traumatic grooming, geriatric animals, and any pet requiring some extra TLC, Happy Tails provides comprehensive beauty services in a calming atmosphere (Enya, anyone?) to soothe the nerves of animals and their owners alike.

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