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Editors’ Picks 2013: The Best Food & Drink in Westchester

Westchester Magazine’s editorial staff picks the county’s best spots for fine dining, wine, food, and more.

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Paella | Sala on Hudson 
44 Maple St, Croton-on-Hudson
(914) 862-4100; salaonhudson.com
The essentials that go into making a good paella (medium-grain rice that absorbs liquid well; a wide, shallow skillet ensuring rice that cooks in a thin layer; a proper sofrito or sauté of aromatics) are met expertly by Chef Greg Johnson at this newish Spanish tapas restaurant. The $19-per-person (a minimum of two people per order) dish comes either with seafood or chicken; we suggest the former—rice in a blazing skillet with onion, olives, and teaming with cockles, calamari, shrimp, and mussels. The best part is scraping up the socarrat (the delicious caramelized layer of rice on pan’s bottom).  

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