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Editors’ Picks 2013: The Best Food & Drink in Westchester

Westchester Magazine’s editorial staff picks the county’s best spots for fine dining, wine, food, and more.

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Calzone | Catania’s Pizza
2260 Central Ave, Yonkers
(914) 779-5105
Take everything you thought you knew about calzones and throw it out the window. Then head up (or down) to a nondescript little shopping center in Yonkers where the mouthwatering aromas of garlic, marinara, and simmering ground beef will lure you in to Catania’s. “Calzone” at Catania’s is not the warmed-over half-moon- or burrito-shaped mass of often stale or overcooked dough filled with rubbery, tasteless mystery meat or cheese that you so often find in pizzerias. Catania’s calzones come in three varieties—ricotta, meatball, and veal and peppers—and are smallish, square, heavenly pillows offresh, puffy dough filled with fresher-than-fresh ingredients. They’re made throughout the day in “sheets” of 12, which are separated with a ravioli cutter. Smaller (20 per sheet) calzones are available by order. Best. Calzones. Anywhere.

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