Chef Q&A: Castle Hotel & Spa’s Marc Lippman

When your late-night snack is a swig of tequila and you can cop to reading 50 Shades of Grey, it’s safe to say there’s nothing you won’t try at least once. Such is the case with Lippman.


Marc Lippman
Castle Hotel & Spa
(formerly Castle on the Hudson)
400 Benedict Ave, Tarrytown
(914) 524-6366

Name Five Items in Your Home Refrigerator…Green-tea chocolates [Duty Free shop in the Tokyo airport]; lots of yogurts [for the kids’ lunchboxes]; really good Champagne [obviously]; Diet Coke [boring but true]; and hummus [Sabra—supremely spicy, yum!]

Favorite Cuisine…I haven’t met a food I didn’t like.

Culinary Hero…‘Hero’ is a strong word, but the chef I worked for that influenced me the most is David Bouley.

Last Book Read…Fifty Shades of Grey. Shhh, don’t tell.

On a Day Off, I’d Likely Be…with my boys

Favorite TV Show…Who has time for TV?

Shoes I Wear in the Kitchen Are…Bragard Kitchen Shoes. I haven’t changed the style in 20 years.

The Worst Kitchen Accident Was…I cut my thumb on a band saw while butchering a haunch of venison at Windows on the World. FYI: I still have both my thumbs.

What Does a Kitchen Have to Have for You to Work in It?...A $160,000 Jade Range in a 116-year-old castle.

My Eating Disorder Is…ongoing.

The Most I’ve Paid for a Meal…$650, and I was by myself. It was Joël Robuchon Restaurant in Las Vegas.

Favorite Late-Night Snack…Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia tequila.

My Favorite Cookbook…That is a difficult question considering I own more than 1,000. Jeremiah Tower’s New American Classics was one of the first cookbooks I can remember purchasing and I still reference it from time to time. It is pure and timeless.

My Favorite Website…I don’t think I can answer that—my kids my read this. 

Food Trend I Hate the Most…This whole molecular gastronomy thing is getting out of hand.                            



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