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An organized group of residents, calling themselves Concerned Citizens of Armonk, is lobbying the town board to impose a moratorium on further construction of any projects greater than 8,000 square feet in the town’s central business district. They say their proposal is an effort to preserve the character of the downtown area.

The town has found a new source of revenue—with old traffic tickets. The town’s new court administrator is attempting to collect on more than 100,000 tickets dating back to the 1990s—which, unfortunately for their recipients, do not have a statue of limitations.

Two wolf “ambassador” pups, Alawa and Zephyr, were introduced to the public at the Wolf Conservation Center ( The goal of the ambassador program is to raise awareness about the efforts to preserve endangered wolf species.

After just two school years on the job, Molly Easo Smith abruptly resigned as president of Manhattanville College, shocking members of the college community. Smith was recently inducted into the Business Council of Westchester’s Hall of Fame. She was the college’s eleventh president.

The county government has introduced high-tech facial recognition software at the DMV to ferret out residents who are using multiple IDs to game the system and rake in multiple sets of welfare benefits.



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