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Q: Can you really fry an egg on a hot sidewalk?


A:Maybe, but highly unlikely, according to Scarsdale resident Michael Sammartano, an eighth-grade earth science teacher at the Hommocks Middle School in Mamaroneck. The reason? First, the sidewalk has to be really, really hot, that is “reach a minimum of one-hundred-fifty-eight degrees Fahrenheit for the egg to become firm.” And if the sidewalk is made of asphalt, you stand a better chance than if it’s made out of concrete. “Asphalt sidewalks will heat up more in direct sunlight due to their dark color and rough texture.” But…“while reaching a one-hundred-fifty-eight-degree sidewalk is certainly possible,” Sammartano says, “once the egg is cracked on top, it will cool the surface, and you will likely end up with a lumpy, undercooked mess rather than a nice yummy breakfast.”



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