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Home Theater

What to add to your Netflix queue this month



Watchmen: Director’s Cut

DVD Release Date: July 21, Warner Home Video

Don’t call it a superhero movie. Most of the costumed adventurers in this adaptation of Alan Moore’s seminal graphic novel have no superpowers at all, and yet they still have to contend with a society plagued by an imperial president (Nixon) and a rising conflict in Afghanistan. (Sound familiar?) The two-disc DVD contains a director’s cut of the film with 25 extra minutes—more of the popular character Rorschach!—as well as a featurette that explains how the graphic novel got so beloved to begin with.


The State: The Complete Series

DVD Release Date: July 14, Paramount Home Entertainment/MTV Home Entertainment

The last episode of this cult-fave, MTV sketch-comedy show aired way back in the mid-’90s, but fans of The State have had their fingers crossed for a collection like this ever since. Their persistence and patience have been rewarded, as the DVD set contains every single episode, and every single sketch, in the series’ short life. Even if you aren’t familiar with the warped, twisted way the show operates, chances are you’ve seen at least one of its 11 creators: alums have popped up to write and star in comedies like Role Models, I Love You, Man, Wet Hot American Summer, and Reno 911!


Peanuts 1960s Collection

DVD Release Date: July 7, Warner Home Video

No matter what the occasion, Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang have always been able to capture slices of childhood with the perfect balance of cynicism and sentimentality. Now, you can get the original six TV specials—A Charlie Brown Christmas; Charlie Brown’s All-Stars; It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown; You’re in Love, Charlie Brown; He’s Your Dog, Charlie Brown; and It Was a Short Summer, Charlie Brown—all in one DVD set, some for the very first time on DVD. In addition, special features with Vince Guaraldi will make you want to do the Snoopy dance.




DVD Release Date: July 21, Universal Studios Home Entertainment

Based on a beloved book by Neil Gaiman, this film, painstakingly produced in stop-motion animation, follows a young girl as she discovers a secret door in her house hiding an alternate reality—complete with an “other” mother and father—that’s both fantastic and frightening. The DVD also contains a 3D version of the film, along with four pairs of 3D glasses.


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