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New York Mag, Watch Out

“A Fraudulent Scheme” by Matt Trezza was a very well done article on a complicated topic. Trezza laid out the details clearly and gave Paul Greenwood’s supporters ample space to speak up for him.  I’ve always thought New York magazine was the best place to read a clearly laid out piece covering a complicated personal story, but I see Westchester Magazine now equals it. Excellent job!

C.C. Boyd, Armonk

Alpha-Medical Soup

It was great to see “Alpha-Medical Soup” by Elaine Krasner (“Health & Fitness,” June 2009). I would like to mention, however, there is one very important category in the mental health section that was left out: Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists (LMFT). For information, there is the New York professional association and the New York State office.

Sharon Gilchrest O’Neill, EdS, LMFT, Mount Kisco

Zephs’ Deserves More

Dining at Zephs’ is like spending a comfortable evening in a friend’s home—an airy, understated, familiar dining room where guests always feel welcome. I’ll take 19 years of consistently excellent food, with well-worn cutlery at hand, over upstart establishments any day. What reviewer Julia Sexton has failed to discern is that the lack of attitude or pretension is exactly what makes Zephs’ delightful. And, tell me again, what’s wrong with a complimentary salad?

Mary Kornblum, Katonah

Oops: Re Top Dentists 2009: Dentist David Hanswirth of Hanswirth Family Dentistry (30 Lake St, #1F, 914-946-1500) is based in White Plains, not Scarsdale. Also, Dr. Evan Chafitz of Scarsdale Oral Surgery, PC, should have been listed under “oral and maxillofacial surgery” not “general dentistry.” And Dr. Bradley Hirsch is in Suite 207 in Scarsdale at 1075 Central Avenue, not 402, the location of the Contemporary Dental Implant Centre (212-269-9500)

In June’s Health+Fitness Guide, we incorrectly called the Jarden Westchester Triathlon the Westchester Triathlon.

In May’s Special Advertising Section titled Enter DreamHome, we failed to credit photographer Phillip Ennis for his superb photography work. We regret the error.

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