Coffee with Navjot Arora


Chutney Masala

4 W Main St, Irvington
(914) 591-5500

Favorite Indian Restaurant Dum Pukht in Welcomgroup’s Maurya Sheraton, New Delhi

Wine of Choice I prefer reds to whites. I particularly like the Bodega Norton Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina.

Favorite Guilty-Pleasure Food A fully loaded medium-rare burger from Red Hat on the River. They have excellent fries too, which I allow myself every now and then.

Favorite Cuisine Asian cuisines in general—Thai, Malaysian, Vietnamese. I particularly like the soups, the phos, and the tomyums.

Your Way to Keep Thin No snacking in between meals

Favorite Conversation Topic Current affairs, Bollywood movies, and music

Restaurant at Which You’d Most Like to Eat I haven’t been to Stone Barns at Blue Hill yet. I would really love to go and try Chef Dan Barber’s and the farm’s repertoire. The restaurant I frequent most is Sentosa in Flushing. The original location was in Chinatown.

Culinary Hero Anthony Bourdain. He says it as it is.

If Not a Chef, You’d Be a… doctor. No regrets, though.

Favorite Kitchen Utensil A thick-bottomed non-stick sauté pan—any brand—because I can sauté onions to the golden brown color required for making homestyle curries without using too much cooking oil.



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