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Photo by Tomas  Cyparski

 New Restaurant South
Tarry Lodge
Port Chester (914) 939-3111
The awesome talents of Joseph Bastianich, Mario Batali, Andy Nusser, and Nancy Selzer combine to make Tarry Lodge the hottest table in the county. Expect scores of luscious antipasti and wood-oven-baked pizzas, perhaps only bested by Bastianich’s amazing—and gently priced—wine list. We’re so jazzed by Tarry Lodge that we only wish it was easier to get a table…not such a problem now that Tarry does great take-out.


Photo by Cathy Pinsky


New Indian

Chutney Masala Indian Bistro
Irvington (914) 591-5500
Chef Navjot Arora’s Hudson-side ode to his Punjab roots brings the lavish regional richness of nut purées, cream, yogurt, and ghee to a cuisine often thought limited to wan tikka masala. Housed in a historic brick building—a remnant of Irvington’s industrial past—Chutney Masala has won our hearts for its faithful takes on luxurious Punjab and Mughal traditions.

 Photo by John Fortunato

Authentic Crêpes
Rue Des Crêpes
Harrison (914) 315-1631
Close your eyes and you’re on the Île St.-Louis listening to street musicians, watching the bateaux-mouches slide by, and snacking on a crêpe jambon et fromage (made with buckwheat flour) filled with Gruyère and wrapped in paper. Rue Des Crêpes’s cute café decor of whimsical street-scene murals is truly transporting. The menu supplements crêpes with salads and sandwiches, but what more could you want than a thin, savory pancake filled with Moroccan-style lamb sausage (merguez) and then a sweet one, oozing Nutella or simply doused with sugar and lemon? The street-side window from which you can watch your order transform from batter to crêpe on a heated, black iron circle transports you to the quais of the Seine.



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