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Village Square Bagels
Larchmont (914) 834-6969
It all went downhill with Lenders, when steamy corner bagel bakeries—and their chewy, dense-crumbed rounds—were replaced by rock-hard cylinder packs—frozen, yet. You call that a bagel? Ugh! For the real thing, still hot with a jaw-challenging, shiny crust, drop by Village Square. Armed with the Sunday Times, a bag of these—and maybe a brick of Philly and some nova—you’ll be all set to tackle the crosswords, using a pen, of course.

Way to Experience Lisbon
Tarrytown (914) 631-1863
Portugal, with more than 1,000 miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline, offers simple cuisine inspired by the sea. Nowhere else in the county can you have a heartier or more traditional Portuguese meal than at Fernando Cabral’s Caravela. The longtime restaurant (this past March, Cabral celebrated his eatery’s 20th anniversary) serves up heaping Old-World plates of sautéed shrimp Lisbon-style (in a garlic, brandy, and spicy tomato-cream sauce), broiled whole sardines, baked red snapper, mariscada seafood stew, and pork Alentejo with littleneck clams. Rice, black beans, and steamed vegetables accompany every entrée, so come hungry.

Café of Love Salsify Soup
Mount Kisco (914) 242-1002
The word “soup” hardly covers this experience, which is the culinary equivalent of sinking into a three-foot featherbed, laid with million-thread-count linens. Here, the delicate oyster-flavored white root is puréed with lavish cream, and flecked by perfumed black truffles. Fragrant, silken, plush, and delicious, this warm liquid haunts our most luxurious dreams.

New Juice Bar
Mango Mix
Larchmont (914) 833-8333
Now that there are more Starbucks than mailboxes, isn’t it time for a change in your break? Mango Mix, an apple-green oasis lined with real birch tree trunks, slings freshly squeezed organic juices and smoothies along with 100- percent organic sandwiches, soups, and salads. And, don’t worry: if you’re still missing caffeine after all those detoxifiers, immunizers, energizers, and healing tonics, Mango Mix’s baristas serve up strong organic coffee, too.

Turkish Cuisine Westchester
White Plains (914) 683-6111
If your taste buds were scarred by the bland, dry—yet somehow still greasy—falafels that haunted your college flirtation with vegetarianism, then check out Turkish Cuisine Westchester. Sure, the dish is vegetarian, but Turkish Cuisine’s falafels are greaseless, golden, fluffy balls of chickpeas, mint, and parsley, arriving perfectly dressed in a lush tahini/yogurt sauce. They’re so delicious, they might even tempt you back to those black, vintage Cure T-shirts.

Restaurant Host
John Leggio at Mima Kitchen and Wine Bar
Irvington (914) 591-1300
This place is always packed; (1) because of the food, and (2) because of John Leggio. He’s there every day, front and center, chatting up guests at the bar, visiting each table, calling most guests by name, being so charming and hospitable that it feels like family. Our very own version of Cheers.

Red Hat Bistro on the River
Irvington (914) 591-5888
Irvington’s revamped industrial complex yields this stunning riverside bistro, which offers Gallic comfort food along a wide, toes-in-the-Hudson patio. And if that’s not enough, a rooftop lounge gives scenesters a sweeping, bird’s-eye view of the mighty river, the Palisades, twinkling bridges, and beyond.

 Photo by John Fortunato


Flour and Sun Bakery
Pleasantville (914) 495-3232
The doors of Westchester County’s first and only cupcake bakery opened in February 2009—incidentally, on Friday the 13th. Bad luck? Not when you’re serving some of the most luscious confectionary frosted heaven. There’s Fluffernutter, peanut butter and jelly, orange poppy seed, whopper, and hummingbird (pineapple, banana, and coconut). The most popular flavor? Vanilla vanilla. Purists stand proud!





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