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FAVE 5 by the Fab 4
Darren DeVivo

The WFUV DJ and self-confessed Beatlemaniac picks his
five favorite Beatles albums.

Darren DeVivo has been a full-time DJ at 90.7 WFUV ( for 17 years, but he’s been a Beatles fan since he was a baby. A yearly attendee at The Fest for Beatles Fans, the Beatles equivalent of a Star Trek convention, he can tell you any minute bit of info about the Fab Four—but here, he tells us which albums are his favorites.

Photo courtesy of Apple Corps LTD.

 1) Abbey Road  (1969)

Though it may be the last Beatles album, it’s not last in DeVivo’s heart. “It sums up everything that was extra-ordinary about the band,” he says. “Great songwriting, arrangements, performances, production by George Martin. Quite simply, it’s a perfect album. The Beatles went out on top.”

Photo courtesy of Apple Corps LTD.

2) Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band  (1967)

“It’s been said over and over: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is the most revolutionary album of all time. From the music to the packaging, it changed popular music and culture.”

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3) Revolver  (1966)

Though Revolver is third on the list, DeVivo admits that it was a close call. “Song for song, Revolver is quite possibly a stronger album than Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.”

Photo courtesy of Apple Corps LTD.

4) Rubber Soul  (1965)

“The Beatles maturation reached its artistic peak with Rubber Soul,” DeVivo says. “The album Help! from earlier in 1965, hinted at this growth, and Rubber Soul is where it blossomed. With Rubber Soul, the Beatles left all other music acts in the dust, if they hadn’t already done so.”

Photo courtesy of Apple Corps LTD.

5) A Hard Day’s Night  (1964)

Leave it to a true Beatlemaniac to note that this fifth-place finisher is “specifically the U.K. version.” And leave it to a true music fan to treat ranking two great albums like deciding between children. “It’s a toss-up between the U.K.’s A Hard Day’s Night, With the Beatles, and the U.K. version of Help! for my number-five position,” DeVivo says. “I go with A Hard Day’s Night because it also had the Beatles’ groundbreaking first film attached to it.”

The Beatles Solo!

DeVivo breaks it down even further, giving us his five favorite album by each Beatle—solo.

1) John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band (John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band, 1970)
2) Imagine (John Lennon with the Plastic Ono Band and the Flux Fiddlers, 1971)
3) Walls And Bridges (1974)
4) Double Fantasy (John Lennon and Yoko Ono, 1980)
5) Rock ‘N’ Roll (1975)


1) Band On The Run (Paul McCartney and Wings, 1973)
2) Ram (Paul and Linda McCartney, 1971)
3) Flaming Pie (1997)
4) Chaos And Creation In The Backyard (2005)
5) Venus And Mars (Wings, 1975)

1) All Things Must Pass (1970)
2) Thirty Three & 1/3 (1976)
3) Living In The Material World (1973)
4) Cloud Nine (1987)
5) George Harrison (1979)

1) Ringo (1973)
2) Time Takes Time (1992)
3) Ringo Rama (2003)
4) Goodnight Vienna (1974)
5) Choose Love (2005)



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