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The Worst of Westchester

While we have no doubt you’ll enjoy our “Best of Westchester” extravaganza in this issue, we realized any discussion of “the best” would not be complete without even a small acknowledgement of “the worst.” Here are our picks for the Worst of Westchester (WOW) 2008:

Worst View: The rear ends of miles of cars in front of you heading south on the Sprain during morning rush hour; heading north at evening rush hour.

Worst Place to Relax and Enjoy Some Peace and Quiet: The Mount Kisco Borders “café,” in which every precious seat is always occupied with chatty people with no books who nurse their lattes for hours while the real, paying customers (that would be us) sit on the floor next to the bookshelves to read.

Worst Audio Experience: The relentless “The doors are opening; the doors are closing” recording in the Westchester’s elevators.
Worst Construction Job: The work on I-287 that makes Boston’s disastrous “Big Dig” look like a tiny scoop.

Worst Toll: The Ardsley toll plaza on I-87. Residents should be able to spend those 75 cents at the Popeye’s at the Ardsley rest area.
Worst Manners: Customers at Stew Leonard’s who will ram you with their shopping carts while they rush to get a free sample.

Worst Use of Government Manpower: The Hastings-on-Hudson police department, which seemingly has nothing better to do than set speed traps and issue parking tickets to the poor magazine editors coming to patronize the village’s shops and restaurants.

Worst Communications Breakdown: Many of the drive-thrus at the county’s fast food restaurants. It’s a mysterious process that turns your order for iced tea into Hi-C, and your shake into Value Meal #8.

Worst Moviegoing Experience: The tiny, chopped-up theaters in the Mount Kisco multiplex—resulting in screens smaller than those found in local McMansions.

Worst Trend: The proliferation of banks in every town in the county. We love to window shop, but not if all we see is the ATMs in an endless loop of Wachovias, Citibanks, and Chases reminding us about the weakness of the dollar.

Worst Re-emergence of a Bad Idea: Building a highway tunnel linking the Long Island Expressway in Oyster Bay to the intersection of I-287 and I-95. Next thing you know we’ll all be saying things like, “My sister-in-lore lives on Lawn Guyland,” and “Your socks are in the draw-wah.”





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