Know the Difference Between Gnocchi and Gnudi?

Oft-confused food or drink items defined.


Left: Gnocchi, Right: Gnudi

No, we’re not talking about two Mob families that have gone to the mattresses here but rather innocent dumplings from Northern Italy that if read off a menu too quickly could be mistaken for each other.

Gnocchi comes from the Italian word nocca, meaning “knuckle,” and are small, thick dumplings made from potatoes, plus, principally, flour, eggs, and Parmesan (there is significant variation in recipes across Italian regions).

Gnudi, meanwhile, named for the Italian word nudi, meaning “naked,” substitutes ricotta for the potatoes, resulting in a typically lighter, more pillowy dish. In less romantic terms, gnudi can be thought of as nude ravioli, as the ingredients are quite similar to ravioli filling. 

The “g” is silent in both words; thus, gnocchi is pronounced “nyoh-kee,” while gnudi is pronounced “nyoo-dee” or simply “noo-dee.”

Next time you dine out, you will gno the difference! 



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