Unusual Spices: Epazote

Discover what goes by American wormseed, Jerusalem parsley, or our favorite, skunkweed.


aka...American wormseed, goosefoot, Jerusalem parsley, Jesuit’s tea, Mexican tea, pigweed, skunkweed

Description: A branching annual that looks similar to spearmint and is used fresh or dried, mostly in casseroles, soups, bean dishes, and tortillas in Mexican cooking (particularly in Yucatecan dishes).  The flavor is often compared to anise, fennel, or tarragon, but is stronger.  

You Might Like To Know: “Epazote” comes from words in the Nahuatl language of Southern and Central America that mean “something dirty and smelling of an animal” Hmm. Doesn’t make you want to rush out to buy a case.

Purported Benefits: The reduction of intestinal gas that occurs in diets highin beans. 



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