The Westchester Bar at Which You Should Be Drinking (but Aren’t, Yet)

A Peekskill spot that you can’t miss.

We walked into Gleason’s with high hopes. We’d heard a lot of positives about this Peekskill bar and were eager to experience it first-hand. But our hopes quickly diminished as we walked in to see, at most, 15 people in the bar. On a Friday night. During the summer. But, oh, would Gleason’s make up for it (it was quite the emotional rollercoaster, as you can tell). Why is nobody drinking at this bar? It’s bright, airy, has cool artwork on the walls, and God knows you won’t forget its name, seeing as the interior is lit with a huge “Gleason’s” sign. Its seasonal beer cocktails—which, for whatever reason, seem to be rare here in the County—were some of the most drinkable (and deadly) concoctions we’d tasted thus far. (Though the ones we sipped are no longer in season, try their latest: Captain Morgan Rum, house-made ginger simple syrup, apple juice, lime juice, topped off with Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Beer, and garnished with an apple slice, grated ginger, and a sprinkle of cinnamon.) To recount: It’s a great space, has a great ambience, and has great drinks. The only thing missing: you. So change that, now. 

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