The Perfect Bar for the Perfect Date

Red Hat in Irvington and its idyllic Hudson view makes for a great romantic night out.

Couples cozy up at Red Hat on the River

Now, we’re not the romantic types, but hot damn if there weren’t a couple places in Irvington that made us feel our feelings again. First, if a view of the sunset over the Hudson doesn’t do it for you, then check your pulse. At Red Hat on the River, we quaffed beer and sangria while a gentle breeze scattered cocktail napkins across our table and the sun slowly set over the Palisades, the City lights in the distance just beginning to twinkle. The hostess was nice enough to bring Deanna a red pashmina to stave off the end-of-summer chill. If it’s too cold for the patio or roof deck, the large, industrial windows inside still offer a great view of the river from the horseshoe bar. Get there early to grab a seat, because standing room is limited at best. Even on a crowded night, though, you won’t  bump elbows with your fellow bar-mates, which is fantastic, since you’ll be concentrating on your date (and the view). 

We were so enthralled with Red Hat, we could barely tear ourselves away to head up the block to Mima Vinoteca. But, lucky for you, we did. The interior here is half trattoria, half wine cellar, small and cozy. We grabbed a spot at the tiny bar for wine and charcuterie, and were perched next to several couples enjoying the same. The affable bartender guided us through the wine list without making us feel ignorant (a rare ability). The mozzarella was brined perfectly, and the prosciutto—dear God, the prosciutto. And you’ll need all of it, as well as their great bread, because with a mostly Italian wine list with varietals ranging from Sicily to Tuscany, you’ll want to try a few glasses. Just keep it together in front of your date, okay?

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