The Official Westchester Magazine Cocktail

On our writers’ journey to research the Bar Bible, White Plains’ 42 gave us something unexpected: our very own cocktail.

When we first set out on the alcoholic expedition that would spawn The Bar Bible, we decided to throw down a gauntlet of our own: the creation of a cocktail that captured the spirit of this fine publication—something multifaceted and a little highbrow, but that still knew how to have a good time. We took our challenge to 42 The Restaurant’s highly skilled mixologist, Wellington De Oliveira. 

The Westchester Mag starts with cachaça (Brazilian rum), which Wellington infused with beets for a bold magenta hue and fresh, mellow flavor.  The hot seven-pepper spice blend added sufficient kick behind the freshness of the beets, the black tea provided earthiness, while the grilled lime juice and spritz of mescal etched a fine edge around the flavors. It was smooth, complex, and grown-up, while still playful,  just like any good editor. 

So, next time you swing by 42 The Restaurant, be sure to ask Wellington for a Westchester Mag, and toast to us.

The Westchester Mag

1½ oz beet-infused cachaça
½ oz green chartreuse
½ oz black tea blend
Pinch of house seven-pepper spice
2 sugar cubes
Juice of ½ grilled lime
Dehydrated lime with kosher salt (garnish)
Spritz of mescal 

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